Belief in The Angel

The second pillar of the Islamic faith is belief in the angels. It is to believe in the existence of the angels and to believe in what we are informed about regarding their descriptions and tasks.
Belief in Angels means we belief that they exist and believe all informations regarding them and their tasks such as they are created from the light and unseen and only Allah know their reality. The angels are honored slave of Allah and never disobey Him.
Angels are creatures created from light. They are unseen and only Allah knows their reality. They are honored slaves of Allah. They always do exactly whatever Allah commands and never disobey Him. They are immortal being that commit no sins.
There are a large number of angels, such as Gabriel, Michael, Munkar, Nakir, etc. Gabriel is the angel who is sent by Allah to bring the message to the messenger. Michael is the angel who is sent with God’s mercy. Munkar and Nakir are two angel whom Allah send to ask the humans in their grave about their religion. Ridwan is the guard angel of the heaven. Malik is the guard angel of the hell. Raqib and Atid are two angels Allah sents to write the humans deeds. Izrail is the angel who are entrusted to take people’s souls at the time of death.
If we believe the angels, we can fear more closely Allah because he has the powerful troops and guards. We realize that we are always guarded and monitored by the angels. So we will try to always do the good deeds and avoid the bad deeds.


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