What do you know about the meaning of faith? What is the function of faith in one’s life? What happens if a man lives without faith?

Faith is a strong belief in a god, what are we believe about.  Faith is also a religion. Faith will construct one’s view/paradigm about life. This view/paradigm will tell him how we will live. It will construct their life style. The faith will help them when they face problems. When they believe that they will get their reply, reward, and fee from their hard works, they never despair. If a man lives without faith, he will live without goal, destination, or intetion. Even a lot of people confused and fell a vacancy. They fell their life is no thing, unusefull. They live in the everlasting desperate.

Belief in Allah means we believe that Allah is one Lord with no partner. Allah is the one in subtance/esence. Allah is the one in character/attribute. Allah is the one who must be obeyed and worshipped.

Belief in the angels means we believe that the angels are created by Allah from the light. They are Allah’s messenger and slave. They are not daughters of Allah. They will obey Allah forever without reserve.

Belief in the divine books  means we believe that Allah has given, sent, or derived four divine books to his messenger. Taurat is given, sent, or derived to Musa. Zabur is given, sent, or derived to Daud. Injil is given, sent, or derived to Isa. And Al-Quran, the last divine book, is given, sent, or derived to the last prophet and messenger, Muhammad. Especially the last divine book, Al-Quran, is the rule must be realized by the last ummah, Us.

Belief in the messenger means we believe that Allah has sent his messengers to guide human to worship Allah and live in the world righteously. They are sent to their people. Especially, Muhammad, the last prophet and messenger, is sent to human all and genie. He is whom human must obey and follow.

Belief in the hereafter means we believe that the hereafter will be there. So we will act righteously.

Belief in divine preordainment, the good and the bad of it means we believe that Allah has defined our life and death, our lifehood, our deeds, and where we will come back in the hereafter, heaven or hell.



Belief: the feeling of being certain that something exists or true.

Essential: necessary, important, needed

Realize: to understand a situation, make something happen

Creator: who has invented something

Invent: design/create something which has never been made before

Discover: find

Universe: every thing that exist especially all physical matters

Acknowledge: to admit or accept or recognize something

Journey: the act of travelling from one place to another.

Righteously: according to rule

Opression: when people are cruel and unfair

Brotherhood: relationship in religion a group or men who have the same purpose or religious beliefs.


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