I stayed at home in my vacation. My uncle invite me to go to water fall “Grojogan Sewu”. I was very happy because I could go to water fall in Tawangmangu. My mother and I prepared the foodstuffs for the trip to Tawangmangu. My aunt helped my mother to put the foodstuffs into bag. My grandmother and my grandfather follow us to go to waterfall Grojogan Sewu. We went to waterfall by car. Afterwards, we arrived there. I left the car and saw scenery around Tawangmangu. It is very beautiful. There is beautiful flowers and high trees. Before we entered the location, we bought ticket to enter its location. Every one cost Rp. 5000.

So, we went down and passed ladder. Then we arrived near the waterfall. Immediately we went to waterfall. I said Subhanallah (Glory be to Allah). The waterfall is a very beautiful creation. I played with water on river stones near the water fall. My brother swimmed with his cousin in swimming pool. When we heard adzan calling to pray, we get ready to pray in a mosque. After shalat/praying, my family went home. Before going home, we bought some gift form traders around the street. Then we got in the car and went home. We ate the strawbery and foods in the car. Finally, we arrived at home and took a rest.

by Icha


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