My Holiday

One day in my holiday, I am going to visit Saudi Arabian with my family. We are going to go there with an aeroplane. My mother and my father choose Garuda Indonesia. We are going to go there on Monday. Before that, we prepare every thing needed. On Friday, I and my father buy the tickets in Sukarno-Hatta Airport. Then, we go to buy two suitcase and three hand luggage with some marks in shops. Then, we go home.

On Monday, when I with my family will depart, I greet my grandfather and grandmother. I and my parents go to Sukarno-Hatta Airport by car. Alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah) we arrive there. We wait for in a lounge and we sit with reading magazines. Suddenly, we hear the information for passengers to board. Before that, I see the plane’s arrival from a gate. So, we board the aeroplane and sit there. I fell the plane taking off on the sky. I see my land from window. I want to cry because I leave my land. I just can say: Good Bye, my land. I’m sorry to leave you for a moment.


Tentang dulhayyi

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