Kakek Bodo

I had my experience in my holiday at 2010. At that time, I felt good even though I was sick before that. My father invited me to go to that place. At first, I was shocked wit its name. yeah, that’s named Kakek Bodo. I saw in my mind that it is a place belongs to an older person and he is very stupid. What do you think about it? Listen me.

After my father invitation to go there, I prepared my bag and its contents. Than I joined my family in the car. But, my grandma didn’t follow us to go to Kakek Bodo. I also prepared my laptop, camera, and some drinking water.

The travelling to Kakek Bodo was taken on 3 hours from my house. I was very happy because I brought my laptop. So, I can open internet and facebook. I sit in front of the car with my father. It was very cold becausr AC is turned on. Not too long, my sister talked to me, “Hey, Sis! Look that. That’s Kakek Bodo. Than I just opened my mouth. “Subhanallah, Amazing. Very Beautiful. It was not what I think. It is a water fall in Prigen. It is very beautiful. It is high and very cool.

by Fay


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