At The Zoo

One day, Isa and Usama go to Safari Park in Jakarta. They stay there at seven until nine o’clock. They ride a car. Before entering the zoo, they check in the representative. Every one cost fifty thousands. Inside there, they see some animals like horse, elephant, giraffe, etc.

They feed the elephant with peanuts and take its picture.  After that, they board the train and go to birds house. They see some birds like swan, parrot, eagle, dove, woodpaker, etc. The swan is very beautiful. Its flame is white. Its eyes are blue and it swim in the river.

After that, they go to reptiles house. They see  crocodiles, turtles, snakes, and comodos. The snake is like cobra. Its eyes are too red and it eats mouses and frogs. It is very horrible.

Then, they go home at ten o’clock and they’re very happy.

by Ulya


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